Ten things Snowbirds should know when travelling through North America:

travelling through North America
  1. Each state and province has fluctuating speed limits along its highways. For those of you driving in Canada, the speed limit is in kilometres. This can be very confusing if your speedometer only registers miles per hour. A kilometre is not as long as a mile. For example: 100 Km per hour = 60 miles per hour. Conversely, if your a Canadian driving in the USA: 70 mph = 112 kmph. Be alert otherwise you can find yourself on the wrong side of the law with a hefty speeding ticket in hand.
  2. If you are pulled over by a police officer please stay in your car and keep your hands on the steering wheel. There is no need for a minor driving infraction to become a heightened emotional or physical drama. Stay calm, be respectful and if you get a ticket its no big deal.
  3. Prior to leaving home, make sure your driver’s license; car insurance; and ownership slip, are all up to date. A good friend keeps pictures of all of his important documents on his phone. Yes, accidents happen, and having this information readily available helps all involved. If an accident happens contact Snowbirdaccidents.com or the Snowbirdhelpline.com.
  4. Not sure why I need to say this, but if you are at a national park such as Yellowstone or Banff, its not a good idea to get out of your car to pet the Grizzlies, or take a close up picture with a Buffalo. Stay in your car and keep the windows rolled up. Every year, someone gets trampled, mauled, or gored because of stupidity.
  5. If you are really into nature and love golf on June 21, head towards the arctic circle. On the longest day of the year, golf clubs in Juneau, Whitehorse etc., offer midnight golf tournaments. The sun does not set and it is something you will talk about for the rest of your life. In fact when people brag about playing in Scotland or clubs such as Pebble Beach, no one will be able to up you on this one. Midnight golf in the arctic circle can only be described as Zen like Spectacular!
  6. As a point of interest – it seems every US restaurant loves to load the drinks with tons of ice. In addition they provide heaping, huge, food portions. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for a doggy bag. It’s literally expected. https://snowbirdtravelusa.com/diners-drive-ins-and-dives-for-snowbirds/
  7. Remember when travelling, you become a guest of the state or city you go to. In general you will find most people very friendly and helpful. They will readily give you advice or answer your questions. As part of the adventure expect locals to have different accents, dialects, and ways of explaining things. When venturing to the deep south of Louisiana, “Caygeon” is still used.
  8. When travelling you will find some remote areas do not have internet or even worse – no cell service. This is particularly true when partaking of the rustic vacation lifestyle such as camping, RVing, or renting a summer cottage.
  9. Travelling in an electric vehicle can be exceptionally challenging. New charging stations are always being added, but not all of them can accommodate your vehicle, or provide charges in a timely fashion. It takes very careful planning. Snowbird Travel USA can provide some comprehensive info to help you plan your route to wherever: https://snowbirdtravelusa.com/fueling-station-locator/
  10. Travelling to large cities offers some very diverse cultural and artsy events. For example the Miami art festival is spectacular. Phoenix is a great spot for Cowboy art and don’t forget Las Vegas and Niagara Falls each with very interesting casino experiences. Nearly every city has its own official tourist website that will help you plan where and when to go. Progressive cities also have vibrant downtown cores. For example, Montreal, Vancouver, New York City, Boston and Chicago have very walkable downtown areas. Some even offer rent-a-bicycles to help you explore the various areas. Snowbirdtravelusa.com

Have fun and drive safe. If not give us a call! The SnowbirdHelpline.com is always available.