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Snowbird Accidents LLC is the simplest way for travelers to find the right lawyer to protect their cross-border rights.

With Covid waning, more and more people are traveling by car for holidays and road trips. Unfortunately, accidents happen. If it happens in a different province or state, the insurance complications can be massive. Each jurisdiction has different rules and insurance remedies. For example, Quebec, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are quasi-pure, no-fault provinces which do not allow personal injury lawsuits.

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However, they allow their citizens to sue if they are involved in a car accident in a state or province that allows lawsuits. Contractual car insurance benefits and underinsured and insured claims must still be processed in the jurisdiction where the car insurance policy was purchased. Rights of subrogation exist whereby insurers and hospitals can claim money back from the person or persons who caused the accident. Let’s not forget some additional challenges – few people know how to access their private insurance coverages, car insurance contractual benefits and, let alone, deal with their property damage claims.

Suffice it to say, finding a lawyer who understands all of these cross-border nuances can be difficult. Google does not really help – there are just way too many paid sponsored Personal Injury Lawyers ads on the web. They are also concentric, which means Google searches for the closest keywords to your immediate radius. Think of it as ordering a pizza. Google knows exactly the area you are calling from. Therefore, only local pizza listings will come up. This is the same when looking for a PI lawyer. In fact, you have a better chance of finding a lawyer who will deliver you a pizza than a lawyer who can help you with a cross-border claim.

Simplicity became the key to solving the conundrum: Joseph Pileggi, the originator, and creator of the idea decided to help fellow Snowbirds involved in car accidents while far from home. He, therefore, had a website built that educates users on the complexities of cross-border insurance claims and provides a 24-hour helpline. is a totally free website and telephone call center encompassing all of North America. Joseph has been able to help fellow travelers involved in serious accidents from most of the Canadian provinces, as far away as British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and most of the US, including the states of Florida, North and South Carolina, New York, Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

Snowbird Accidents is the only site that offers peace of mind if the unthinkable happens. They can connect you with lawyers that are knowledgeable about cross-border personal injury claims, no matter what province or state you were injured in.

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