Why Nevada? 5 Reasons why!

Nevada is a great place for Canadians to consider buying, renting, investing or selling in.

Whether you pick Las Vegas or Reno/Lake Tahoe to visit there is so much to choose from to enjoy!

Here are our Top 5 Reasons why Canadians will love Nevada!

1. Nevada has no state tax! Athletes, Celebrities, and Investors like to incorporate their LLCs in Nevada for the many tax benefits and savings.

2. Investors love to buy properties in Nevada because tenant rental leases are heavily weighed in                 favor of the Owner/Landlord. Evictions are faster, and not like some U.S. states where this can be a long drawn-out process. 

3. Homes are affordable! Historically low prices and low property taxes make Las Vegas a place to buy and/or invest. You can still buy a property for $300K. The average home price in Las Vegas is $445,00!  $527,000 in Reno.

4. The weather! No hurricanes (= lower home insurance costs). Nevada has beautiful weather all year long. If you want snow, Reno/Lake Tahoe has magnificent winter sports, and in Vegas head to Mt Charleston for the day to enjoy the snow and head back down to the valley to a warm sunny day.

5.  Vegas has always been the Entertainment Capitol of the World – a place for shows and casinos, but now, we are called a “Sports Vacation Destination”! Thanks to the Stanley Cup Champions, the Vegas Golden Knights, folks are visiting Vegas to see their teams play here. Enjoy the new Allegiant stadium for the NFL Raiders, World Champion WNBA the Las Vegas Aces, a AAA ball team the Aviators (Oakland A’s farm team) and the AHL team the Henderson Silver Knights! 

Post by Amelia Keene, Nevada Realtor