Bring Fido

bring fido

Pets are an integral part of ones’ family.  These cute, cuddly, slobbering, barking, funny faced, meowing, feathered, shedding, small and large behemoth’s, find a place in our hearts that can never be removed.  

From the time of our birth to the end of our days, Pets make our lives better.  They provide a undying love that no one can understand and rarely explain. 

When Snowbirds pack up and head south for the winter, the family pet(s) is always sitting in the back of the car or RV wagging its tail knowing that it is going on a fun filled adventure with you.  Over 60% of snowbirds travel south with a family pet.  

Driving on a long trip with a Pet can be quite the chore.  One thing we all know is how hard it is to find a pet friendly hotel.  Prior to Covid very few hotel owners were prepared to accept a pet as a guest.  With a decrease in travelers hotel and motel owners quickly realized accommodating pets made good financial sense.  

As a consideration for Pet owners a magnificent website was created to help travelers (and pets) find accommodations on their route – Bring Fido.  Bring Fido is a wonderful website to help you find pet friendly accommodations across North America.