Why Nevada? 5 Reasons why!

Why Nevada? 5 Reasons why!

Nevada is a great place for Canadians to consider buying, renting, investing or selling in. Whether you pick Las Vegas or Reno/Lake Tahoe to visit there is so much to choose from to enjoy! Here are our Top 5 Reasons why Canadians will love Nevada! 1. Nevada has no state tax! Athletes, Celebrities, and Investors like

Interest Rates, Currency Exchange, and Covid. 

Interest Rates, Currency Exchange, and Covid.  For those of you who take an interest in “useless but important information” (thank you Jimmy Buffet), here is some insight from one of Canada’s top five banks – “Snowbird Travel is Alive and Well” Snowbird migratory flights south have not been deterred by rising inflation costs, higher interest rates, and

Travel Insurance for Snowbirds

What Snowbirds Need to Consider when Purchasing Travel Medical Insurance? Research as many TRAVEL MEDICAL PLANS as possible. Many Canadian snowbirds travel to the US with only Provincial Canadian health Insurance coverage. Unfortunately it is ridiculously inadequate if you have a medical emergency. As an example a relatively healthy Snowbird went to Florida and had

Snowbirds! Traveling with Pets.

Pets are an integral part of ones’ family.  These cute, cuddly, slobbering, barking, funny faced, meowing, feathered, shedding, small and large behemoth’s, find a place in our hearts that can never be removed.  From the time of our birth to the end of our days, Pets make our lives better.  They provide a love that no one

Counting Teslas

Driving to Florida and other destinations is always fun.  Its a wonderful way for Snowbirds and their families to create loving memories while heading to their favourite vacation spot.  Who doesn’t love Chevy Chase in “National Lampoons Summer Vacation”.  “Wally Worlds” exist all across the USA and getting there is half the fun.  This year attendances at

Florida Opens Express Toll Traffic Lanes Straight To Walt Disney World

If you’re traveling to Walt Disney World by car, your trip may have just gotten a little easier (and more expensive). If you take Interstate-4 either westbound or eastbound to drive to Disney World, you now have the chance to opt-in for I-4 Express Lanes. These new lanes have been under construction for years.  They officially