Foreign Exchange

Currency Exchange

We are happy to provide you with “Mtfxgroup“ for convenient, cost-saving currency exchange services.

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In this day and age, travelling with a pocket full of money makes no sense.  Think of it, even your cell phone is now a viable wallet.  With a phone in hand, you can literally cross the border with $1000s of dollars in digital currency.  

So here is the conundrum.  When transferring money electronically from your Canadian bank to your US Bank, why are the currency exchange fees so high? 

The reason is when banks buy and sell currencies from one another they often add a mark-up to the exchange rate so that they can make money from each transfer.  There is nothing wrong with this, but when a bank claims to have no fees, often this means they are adding a markup to the exchange rate. 

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell how much an exchange rate has been marked-up without actually completing a transfer. That’s why it’s so useful to use a data-powered tool. This tracks how much a money transfer will cost in real-time across all the major money transfer operators servicing your chosen country. 

This is why Snowbird Travel USA sourced out “Mtfxgroup”.  Nothing is perfect, and you should always compare rates and fees.  Give it a try and in all instances remember the bottom line.  “It’s your money!”   

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