Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

There are now over 40,000 charging stations across the United States with over 120,000 individual charging outlets.  Sounds like a lot.  But when you need one, it seems they are no where to be found.  

electric vehicle charging stations

Having an electric vehicle is great, but as soon as you leave home the anxiety level rises.   Most people charge their vehicle at their own home.  The duration of the charge depends on multiple factors but the two most important seems to be based on speed and weather conditions.  The latter being – the colder it is the shorter the charge.  From a psychological factor, the longer you drive your eyes seem to become fixated on the gauge registering how much “charge is left”.  

Yes, the further away from home the more your anxiety level rises.   

This new fear or anxiety not only has a Psychological bases, but a newly described diagnosis placed in the DMV – “EV-im-stranded-itis”.  

So how can Snowbird Travel USA help!  We have included the US government map for all alternate fuels, the different plug ins for electric vehicles, and specific maps for each trip.  This will help you pre-plan your travels wherever you want to go. 

Can you trust your Car’s Navigation System.

Not really.  It is pretty easy to rely on your navigation system to find a “Pre-loaded” charging station but some systems need to be updated – just like you do with your phone or computer system.  In addition very few have onboard computer systems which alert you to type of chargers or the number of stations that are available.   Another frustration is that most manufacturers use “Proprietary” charging and battery systems.  As a warning don’t expect to plug in an Audi charger into a Tesla or GM unit.