Snowbird Travel USA Media Advertising Guide

Snowbird Travel USA Media Advertising Guide is a website that caters specifically to individuals (and their families) who are over 60 years of age and enjoy traveling to warmer destinations during the winter months. Snowbirds are said to have the largest disposable travel income when compared to other demographic groups.  Approximately 4 million Canadian and US snowbirds travel south each winter.

It’s interesting to know that many families who travel south during the winter do so to visit a parent or grandparent. The majority of snowbirds also travel by car and often have at least one family pet accompanying them on their journey.

Snowbirds also seem to be major users of short air flights to various North American and Caribbean destinations, as well as destination rental vehicles. Additionally, they are known to be significant purchasers of travel and private medical insurance.  Seniors are also major purchasers of real estate as second homes and investments.

Overall, snowbirds are a unique demographic with specific travel and lifestyle preferences.  Our website caters to their needs and interests.

Snowbird Travel USA Advertising Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in advertising with us! We offer advertising opportunities for businesses looking to reach a targeted Seniors audience in any or all 50 USA states.


  • State-Specific Side Ad: $39.99 per month, minimum of 3 month agreement
  • State-Specific Top Banner: $69.99 per month minimum of 3 month agreement
  • All 50 States: Top Banner: $2,000 per month minimum of 6 month agreement 

Rotation and Linking

  • Ads are non-exclusive and can rotate with other ads.
  • Ads can include links to your website or landing page.
  • Exclusive advertising is only available for a specific category such as Car Rental, Hotel Bookings, car insurance, home insurance, etc., and a one year agreement.
  • You are welcome to provide advertorial blogs for posting. 

Ad Specifications

  • Side Ad: 300×250 pixels
  • Top Banner: 728×90 pixels


Clients are to provide their own artwork.  As an alternative we can create it for you at an agreed upon price.

For more information or to reserve your ad space, please contact Marty Prentice, by completing the form below:

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Thank you for considering advertising with us!

Marty Prentice

Marty Prentice
Advertising & Media Specialist
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