Travel Insurance for Snowbirds

Travel Insurance for Snowbirds

Very few people research Medical Travel plans and understand the nuances of the coverages. Most decisions are based on the cost of the premium. Travel medical insurance is available from a myriad of private companies. Both Canadian and US insurance companies offer travellers International medical coverages. Most insurers are good but like any business they want to make money. It is crucial you religiously and perfectly fill out the application forms.

We did spend some time doing research and for US Snowbirds we find IMGLOBAL to be a fairly comprehensive company offering a competitive policy.

imglobal travel insurance for snowbirds

Regardless, as a purchaser of any insurance policy there are some important considerations:

  1. Every travel medical insurance policy has a lengthly list of events they do not cover – check the fine print;
  2. A travel medical policy has strict time periods for when it is available (not before or after the term of the coverage). In most instances the policy can be extended as long as the extension is requested prior to its expiration;
  3. The policy premium must be paid in full;
  4. All policies have exclusions that surround pre-existing illnesses, injuries and diseases;
  5. Covid provisions have strict limits.  Most insurers expect you to be “fully vaccinated”;
  6. Insurance policies are based on risk – ie., your age and your health.
  7. All policies have strict $ limits;;
  8. If you do not fill out the questionnaire honestly or leave out key facts hoping to save money, you will probably not have coverage when you make a claim; and,  
  9. Do not rely on travel “charge cards”. They have very restrictive provisions. In our opinion they are close to useless unless you are trying to get your lost luggage returned.